Customize the Win+X Menu in Windows 10

Win+X is the keyboard shortcut that opens a set of administrative tools in Win 8 and Win 10 devices. Win+X Menu Editor is a free app for Win 8 and 10 that lets you customize the Win+X menu that pops up when you use the shortcut.

From the Win+X menu, you can find quick access to Device Manager, Disk Management, shutdown options, launch the Task Manager or execute a command or initiate a search.

If you use the Win+X menu frequently, you may have thought it contains a lot of menus you do not need, or it does not list the menus you need most. Either way, being able to customize the list of options in your Win+X menu can be very useful.

Enter Win+X Menu Editor, which lets you do just that – add and remove items from the list in the Win+X menu. It is a straightforward and lightweight app – download, unpack, and you are good to go.

As you launch it, you will see the list of links listed in the Win+X menu sorted by groups. The respective groups show up separately in the menu of Win+X.

Using the app is simple. To remove items, select an item you wish to remove, click the Remove button, and it’s gone. Understandably, the change shows up in the Win+X menu after system restart. Alternatively, you can restart Windows Explorer – the app comes with the embedded “Restart Explorer” option.

To add items, choose Add a program and select one of the options that best suits your intentions. The options are as follows:

a) Add a program – opens the file browser and lets you pick any application.
b) Add a preset – this option opens up a list of standard links that users might want to add, such as Notepad, or Snipping tool.
c) Add a control panel item – this one adds an item from the control panel you use frequently, or you can add control panel as such. The latter will just open all the items in it.
d) Add an administrative tool – choose from a selection of such Win tools as Disk Cleanup, Task Scheduler, or Event Viewer and others.

Note: you can also customize the order, in which the links appear in a specific group in your Win+X menu by using the up and down arrows on the side.

Win+X Menu Editor is a little but very useful tool that lets you customize your Win+X menu the way you need it – add, remove, re-order the items you use frequently. It is free and works as advertised.

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