How to find subtitles for a media file

There are numerous reasons why you’d need subtitles for your movies. They might be in foreign languages, or perhaps someone else is sleeping in the room and you want to watch the movie on mute but still understand what’s going on. Subtitles can even be helpful when multiple sounds overlap and it’s difficult to distinguish words. As a result, whatever use you may have for them, we’re going to show you how you can easily find subtitles for a media files.

Most DVDs and Blu-Ray discs also include subtitles, and even services such as Netflix provide subtitles. However, you may get your media files from other sources, or the provides subtitles are not in the language you needed. Worry not, there’s more than one solution to find subtitles for a media file!

As an alternative, you can use Kodi to stream all the video content and get the associated subtitles from different sources.

How to find subtitles for a media file

There are numerous websites you can download subtitles from. Not all of them are reliable and even the ones that are legit can have annoying interfaces and ads that look like fake download buttons (aren’t those annoying?). However, before we discuss an even simpler solution, check out the list below with my top 5 subtitle download websites:

Now that we’ve got this out of the way, I would like to introduce Subtitles Space. This is a cool little web app that has one of the cleanest UIs you’ve ever seen but also drag & drop support. This means you just need to drag and drop your media file on top of the app in order to find subtitles for it.

Keep in mind the media file won’t be uploaded to the app, it’s only used to read its name and provide relevant subtitles. The app looks for subtitles in any language and using multiple sources. You may often gen more than one result.

Even more, you can drag and drop media files one after the other and they will all be added to the current web page. Once you’ve added all the files you need subtitles for, you can download all the files from the same page. This is very convenient since you won’t have to open multiple tabs or repeat the search process for each file.

I tested Subtitles Space repeatedly and it’s pretty good at finding subtitles for movies and TV shows. However, it’s not too great when it comes to animes, not even popular titles. If you need a reliable source of anime subtitles, I recommend you try OpenSubtitles (it’s on our list above).

While Subtitles Space is not the largest subtitle repository, it is one of the easiest ways to find subtitles for a media file. However, its database is probably growing as we speak so I’m sure it will get better over time.

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