Share and play music faster with the new Spotify Codes feature

Spotify‘s latest update brings us the ability to play and share songs in an instant. The new Spotify Codes feature creates a barcode and album cover image for each track, playlist, and artist. You can play that music by simply scanning the Spotify Codes with the app’s new camera located in the search bar, which is very fast and convenient.

Easily scan & play a song

Obviously, the new Spotify Codes feature also simplifies sharing music and artists with friends. So how do you exactly access the Spotify Code? To share the currently open artist, playlist or song, tap on the three-dots icon found on the right. Then, navigate to the search bar, tap on the camera icon and point the camera to a code displayed on a printout, or a phone or computer screen.

It’s also possible to upload a photo or a screenshot of a Spotify Code for the app to scan it, from another source such as text messages and third-party apps.

The same goes for when a friend wants to share a song with you. They just need to show you the song’s code which you will scan with the search camera and you can start listening to it.

A new marketing channel for artists

You might not be impressed by this feature, but in the case of the Spotify app, it’s quite useful. They removed the built-in messaging inbox back in February and their sharing options only include SMS and third-party chat apps.

If the new Spotify Codes feature gains popularity, we will likely be seeing artists including their Spotify Codes on stickers, flyouts, advertising banners and other digital and printed goods. Spotify Codes are definitely going to benefit both the service and the artists, besides the fact users have a simpler way of sharing and playing songs.

The music streaming industry has some fierce competition, including YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud and the likes. If Spotify Codes become successful, other competitors implementing this feature would make a realistic scenario.


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