How to track your smartphone’s location from an Android device

Real-time location service is an extremely useful feature provided by all modern mobile devices. It allows you to find out where a lost or stolen device is, but also keep track of your loved ones or even find a friend with ease in a foreign city. Of course, there are other reasons you might want to use this function which is why we’re going to talk about how you can track your smartphone’s location from an Android device.

What I mean by this is you can even use your Android device to track the location of non-Android smartphones, such as the iPhone.

How to track your smartphone’s location with Google’s Find My Device

To locate an Android phone, just go to Google’s Find My Device page once you make sure you’re logged into your Google account. If you’ve never used this service before you will be prompted to grant it access to your location data.

This will allow you to view your device’s real-time location on Google Maps. Also, this page offers 3 options:

Play Sound – You can use this to ring your phone for 5 minutes and it works even if you’ve previously set it to silent. This is mostly useful if you (or someone else) is near the phone but they are unable to find it.

Lock – This feature does exactly what it says – it locks your phone – so you can ensure no stranger can get their hands on your personal information. You also have the option to display a custom message in case someone with a conscience finds it so they can contact you and make the necessary arrangements to get your phone back.

Erase – If you’re sure there’s no way to retrieve your phone, this option lets you remotely delete all of its contents to keep your information safe.

Keep in mind that Find My Device only works if location services are enabled on the phone you’re trying to locate. As a result, if location services are turned off on that device, you won’t be able to use this function to find it. This also serves as a good reminder to make sure they’re enabled on your smartphone as a preventive measure.

How to find an iPhone’s location from an Android device

As I already said, this post if about how you can track a smartphone’s location from an Android device. If you’re trying to locate an iPhone, the required steps are a bit different then for locating an Android smartphone but it’s still possible.

Normally, tracking an iPhone from another iPhone implies using Apple’s Find My iPhone service. However, if you try to visit iCloud from your Android, it will say that your browser isn’t supported.┬áThere’s nothing wrong with your phone, it’s just Apple being their elitist selves as usual.

Luckily, there is a workaround. While still on the iCloud page, tap on the three dots menu icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and select “Request desktop site” (you’d need to be using the Chrome browser for this).

This will make the iCloud page load as usual and you will be able to sign into your iCloud account where you will be able to see exactly where your iPhone is at that moment. Pretty clever, right?

It’s also worth mentioning that Apple’s locating service also needs that the iPhone you’re trying to find has location services enabled and it doesn’t work otherwise. Since Find My iPhone can be a truly life-saving feature, it’s worth keeping location services enabled on your iPhone at all times as a preventative measure even if your battery might drain a bit faster.

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